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Still time to order you Edon and catch the spring. Beautiful weather coming, ideal for paddling about with Mother nature.


Spring will soon be here. We have boats in stock but they are going fast so please order in plenty of time to get on the water this spring.


Happy New Year - We wish you all a happy and healthy 2015.


Order an Edon now while stocks last and have it delivered for Christmas. A wonderful gift for your partner, a loved one or yourself.

Just a note about delivery

We use a specialist carrier to deliver our boats to your door. Although we always keep a stock of boats at our base in Norfolk Va, at this time of year delivery times can increase a little and it's worth bearing that in mind when deciding when to order, sooner is always better.

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Simple to car top with a wide variety of standard rowboat or kayak systems.

rowing boats

Handles between the seat runners for ease of pick up.


Edon rowboats are constructed of a special polyethylene foam sandwich for lightness, damage resistence and strength.


Removable pontoons for cold water rowing or learning

rowboat rigging

Quick release rigger with patented cam locking system


Every Edon rowboat comes with stackable cradles.

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SPRING IS HERE - Get out on the Water

ROWING - For Fitness, Fun and a Better World
Edon TS515 Sculling Boat - only $2399 new


LIGHT, AFFORDABLE, FAST AND FUN. The Edon TS515, the most popular and affordable sliding seat single scull in the United States and is sold exclusively by The Virginia Rowing Company.

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Light, durable, fast and a lot of fun the Edon TS515 single is the ideal sliding seat rowing boat for recreational rowers, for clubs, for camps and for learning to row.

LIGHT AND EASY: The Edon TS515 has a hull weight of around 45lbs making them very manageable, whether you're moving it down your dock or car topping to the nearest lake. Recreational rowboats (also called sculling boats or sculls) are often heavy and difficult to pick up but Edons are lighter and have handles under the seat as well as bow and stern so moving the boat is never a problem. The Edon is a recreational rowing boat that the average person can pick up and move on their own with confidence.

FAST: Responsive and quick, the Edon provides the rower with a rewarding turn of speed, ensuring that you get out everything you put in whilst being comfortable and not "tippy". Edon TS515 sculling boats, Fast, fun, affordable and easy to use.

sculling boat Edon TS515

STABLE: The Ideal sliding seat rowing boat for learning, for exercise or for recreation. The Edon TS515 is a fast yet stable boat that you'll feel comfortable and confident in.

Although stable Edon rowboats have a roundish bottom which provides enough feedback for the rower to be able to keep a check on and improve their technique.

PONTOONS: For added stability all Edon rowing boats come complete with pontoons which can be fitted or removed in seconds. The pontoons connect directly to the wing rigger and have been designed to ensure they don't impede boat speed. With the pontoons fitted the boat is almost impossible to flip, a real benefit when learning to scull or if you row on cold water where falling in could be a serious hazard.

FAST RIGGING: Rigging or derigging your Edon single scull for storage or transportation is done in seconds thanks to a patented quick release system that's simple and precise..

TOUGH: The Edon TS5i5 is not fragile like carbon fiber or fiber glass boats, Edons are the only rowing boats made from a special polyethylene foam sandwich material which makes them durable but also light. The tough yet light construction makes Edon rowing boats ideal for schools, camps and as club trainers.


length: 17 feet (5.15m)
width: 23 inches (60 cm)
Hull weight: 45lbs (20kg)
Capacity: 240lbs (110kg)
Spread: 159cm (adjustable)

Rigger: Aluminium
Colour: White with grey fleck

Made in Australia

BASIC TRAINER: With the pontoons fitted the Edon is the perfect platform for young and not so young to learn to scull without spending all their time in the water, inspiring confidence and a positive learning experience. With the pontoons off you have an excellent training and recreational sculling boat which is fast, easy to row and fun to use.

EASY STORAGE: Edon rowing boats come with a free pair of cradles for garage or boat house storage. At only 17 feet (5.15m) long the Edon can be stored almost anywhere and car topping your Edon is simple due to the light weight and robust construction.

sculling boatSET UP: Settings such as spread and oarlock height are identical to standard racing boats which makes the Edon perfect for progression in the sport.

- Quick Release Rigger
- Free Storage Cradles
- Removable Pontoons
- Dual action sliding seat
- Standard seat runners
- Standard sculling oarlocks

Affordable Edon rowboats for sale all across the USA only from Virginia Rowing

Rowing? Sculling? What's in a name?

Rowing and sculling are both used when talking about sliding seat one man rowboats. Sculling is actually more correct but can confuse things and even very experienced scullers will say they're going rowing. We don't think it actually matters what you call it as long as you enjoy doing it. Edon rowing boats are designed to ensure that you do enjoy every moment of it.

Edon rowing boats - Ideal for learning, for exercise or just for fun. Shipped economically all across the USA. Affordable rowing boats for individuals, for clubs and for camps.

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